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Experienced Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing services can be used to clean any number of home features, from your deck to your driveway. It’s an incredibly effective and easy method for keeping these features clean as well as helping to prolong their lifespans. Here at A & L Janitorial & Cleaning Services, we provide experienced pressure washing that will clean surfaces without damaging them.

Pressure washing is not something you’ll want to do yourself. Our specialists have the training necessary to utilize pressure washers properly. Without such training or experience, you could end up damaging the very thing you’re trying to clean.

Our Pressure Washing Services

  • High-pressure cleaning – High-pressure cleaning forces water out at a high pressure, blasting the surface it’s aimed at and removing debris and contaminants by force. High-pressure cleaning is typically only recommended for harder, durable surfaces.
  • Low-pressure cleaning – Low-pressure cleaning is used for features that are too delicate to withstand high-pressure water. Instead, the water is sprayed at a low-pressure and a cleaning solution is often used as well.
  • Concrete pressure cleaning – Dirty concrete can be a real eyesore, especially if your property makes use of lighter-colored concrete for your sidewalks and pathways. Unfortunately, concrete will get dirty over time no matter what due to normal use. Pressure cleaning your concrete sidewalks and pathways can help boost your property’s curb appeal.
  • Deck pressure washing – We will use low-pressure washing to clean your wood deck, leaving it looking as good as new without causing any damage to the wood.
  • Patio pressure washing – We will use high-pressure washing to effectively clean concrete patios, although low-pressure washing may be necessary instead if your patio is built out of a less durable material.
  • Driveway pressure washing – The driveway area can get very dirty over time. Vehicles often track mud, dirt and other debris across the driveway. They can also leak fluids onto the driveway. Pressure washing the driveway will not only help remove dirt and debris, but will help remove oil and other stains as well.
  • Roof and home exterior pressure washing – The buildup of dirt, debris, mold and other contaminants on your roof and siding will not only hurt your property’s curb appeal, they could damage the roof and siding as well if left untreated for too long. Professional, low-pressure washing will remove all contaminants so that your roof and siding won’t be as vulnerable to potential damage.

For more information about our pressure washing services or to schedule a pressure washing service in Kalamazoo, MI, be sure to contact us at A & L Janitorial & Cleaning Services today.