Restore Your Floor with Floor Care Services

If your workspace has seen a lot of use over the years, you may notice that your floors might be starting to look a bit worn out. While wear and tear is inevitable, it doesn’t mean that your space’s floors have to show their age. Restore your workspace’s floors with the professional floor care services offered by A & L Janitorial. Whether your floor needs a quick buffing, or if you need to strip and reseal the floor so that it looks just like new, our experienced team provides floor care services for floors of almost any material and are ready to help make your space look like new with our services in floor care.

Give Your Floor a Fresh Start

When you need to completely restore the look of your floor, count on A & L Janitorial’s floor stripping services to get the job done. we use a multi-step process that cleans your floor through sweeping, dust mopping, vacuuming, and chemical cleaning before scraping and resealing, A & L Janitorials floor stripping services work to ensure that your space’s floors are restored completely with a fresh and clean look.

Make your floor shine like new

With floor buffing and floor burnishing services, we provide floors with glossy, shining appearances. Removing scratches and dirt from your floor before applying a new topcoat that adds to your floor’s longevity, the buffing and burnishing services A & L Janitorial offers help provide your space’s floors with a clean and professional looking appearance.

Cleaning surface and embedded dirt

If your business’s floor sees a lot of traffic from customers or guests, it could likely benefit from scrubbing servicses. Cleaning both surface level and embedded dirt and debris by removing and reapplying the top layer of finish, the floor scrubbing and recoating services offered by A & L Janitorial are ideal for spaces that need to be cleaned and recoated regularly.

Offering businesses in Southwest Michigan their expert floor cleaning services, A & L Janitorial will help your business maintain a shining, professional looking floor with its floor care services. With 24/7 availability, A & L Janitorial will provide its services in floor care services whenever you need them. For a personalized recommendation on what services will best fit your floor, contact us today to let our staff know about your floor care needs.