Refinish Floors Properly with Floor Stripping in Kalamazoo

When the finish on your floor has faced a lot of wear and tear or is simply getting on in years and could use some attention and care, A & L Janitorial & Cleaning Services provides professional floor stripping in Kalamazoo that you can count on. Our floor stripping services have been used time and time again to ensure that floors both newer and older can get the reapplication they need without taking up much of your time. By trusting in professionals to get the job done, you can save yourself the effort of finishing while also getting a great floor in return.

Always working within circumstances

When you work with A & L Janitorial & Cleaning Services, you know you are working with the best because of the experience that we have. We have provided floor stripping in Kalamazoo for a variety of businesses with different floor materials that required different care to ensure the process went as it should. Through our years as a cleaning company, we know how different types of flooring and the condition that they are in may change the equipment needed for the job, or the balance of chemicals needed to provide perfect floor stripping. Whatever your building requires, A & L have the tools for the job and the experience you can count on.

Perfect for winter season

With winter comes a lot of mud tracking, salt crusting, and more that can stand out on a floor after even a single day of people walking on it. By investing in floor stripping in Kalamazoo with A & L Janitorial & Cleaning Services, you can guarantee a cleaned and polished-looking floor after a mess has been made by individuals tracking things in from the outside. Whether you have regularly scheduled services to keep your floor as clean as possible throughout the season or schedule a one-time job with us after snow starts to melt in the spring, you can get your floor back to pristine condition.

With a history of satisfied customers and exceptional services, A & L Janitorial & Cleaning Services is your dependable source of floor stripping in Kalamazoo when you need it. You will be surprised at the difference that our team can make when they come and fix up your floors. To learn more about our floor stripping or any of our other cleaning services, give us a call today!