Businesses Stay Professional with Floor Stripping in Kalamazoo

When moving into a new business space or refurbishing a space that has seen a lot of use, you can trust in the professional floor stripping in Kalamazoo offered by A & L Janitorial & Cleaning Services. There are some responsibilities that you can take care of when fixing up a space, especially when you’re a small business, but there are some tasks that are better off left to professionals, and A & L is here for you when your floor care needs must be met.

The new look

Whenever you bring in A & L Janitorial & Cleaning Services to help out with your floor care needs, our floor stripping process will leave your space looking brand new. Our team has years of experience working with floors of all different types, and the floor stripping in Kalamazoo that we offer can get floors back where they need to be after years of use and years of buildup. Whether you’re moving into a space for the first time and the previous residents let the floor get out of control or your business has been around for a long time and the floors need a little extra care, A & L has the services to best help.

What we do

Our process for floor stripping includes sweeping to remove excess debris, dust mopping to ensure the floor is totally clear, vacuuming for any hard-to-reach spots on the floor, applying a cleaning solution to wash any dirty reflections away, and scraping and sealing the floor once again to lock in that clean look. This can help to remove any wax buildup that may have occurred on your floor over the years as well as dirty spots that need a little extra attention to remove.

From general cleaning to specialty services, A & L Janitorial & Cleaning Services has the capabilities you need to keep spaces as clean as possible. Contact us today to get the scheduled cleaning you need.