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As a business owner, you know a customer’s first impression of your business is everything. A custom floor mat service can ensure you create a positive, memorable first impression that showcases your commitment to quality and attention to detail. At A & L Janitorial, we’re dedicated to helping you serve guests and employees by promoting a safe, clean environment.

Floor Mat Service And Safety

Businesses are responsible for proactively managing areas where dangerous conditions may be present. High-traffic areas such as entryways and lobbies are particularly prone to slippery conditions, especially during Michigan’s snowy winters and rainy spring months. Floor mats minimize the potential for danger by catching dirt, debris, water and ice melt materials from guests’ shoes, preventing them from accumulating on hard floors and creating a slippery surface.

Floor Protection

Over time, hard flooring is subjected to a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic and from moving and dropping heavy objects. These surfaces may become scratched, cracked or even chipped, resulting in an appearance that’s both unsafe and unprofessional. Floor mats protect the floor’s surface by serving as a buffer between the floor and everyday traffic. This, along with proper floor care, preserves the original appearance of flooring and reduces the risk of damage.

Air Quality

Dust, dirt, chemicals and pesticides are tracked in on shoes and become trapped in carpeting and floor cracks, and your business’s indoor air quality suffers for it. Additionally, foot traffic can stir up dust and chemicals, further elevating levels of indoor pollution and posing a risk for guests and staff suffering from allergies and asthma. Floor matting can catch these contaminants and prevent them from affecting the air quality of your business.

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