Specialty Cleaning In Kalamazoo, MI

A&L floor cleaning servicesAt A & L Janitorial Services, we know that every cleaning job is as unique as the customer it is for. That is why we offer specialty cleaning for the jobs that are just too tough for anyone else to do themselves. Regardless of size, complication, or sensitivity, our experienced team can take care of it. We train our staff to be able to handle cleaning jobs in any environment, so they are prepared for any eventuality.

We Handle A Variety Of Projects

With nearly 20 years of experience cleaning up messes of all types, in a wide variety of buildings, the team at A & L Janitorial Services has seen it all. Our staff is knowledgeable in the procedures and protocol required for all types of specialty cleaning services. We can meet the needs of medical facilities. This includes the cleaning and disposal of biohazardous materials. We regularly handle cleaning for data centers and computer rooms. Our employees know the delicate nature of the electronics housed in these facilities and are trained to safely clean the area. Construction site cleanup is also one of our available services, to keep the area safe for both workers and customers. Our teams are experienced in cleaning museums, and they know how to protect the sculptures, artifacts, displays, and paintings that they house. We can handle the grease and dirt in any commercial kitchen, and know how to make the appliances, countertops, hoods, and stovetops look as good as new. Our employees are also meticulously diligent with regards to the wide range of cleaning jobs that our company handles on a regular basis.

What Sets Us Apart

At A & L Janitorial Services, we operate with the priority of customer satisfaction. That is why a manager is present at every cleaning site to confirm that each customer fully understands what our team will be doing, and they can ask any questions they might have. Once we are finished with each job, every customer will receive a call from our support staff, making sure that the customer is fully satisfied. Our company has over 35 vans available for jobs and a fully-staffed office building to back up our teams. We also offer our customers free quotes through our website.

No matter what type of cleaning service is needed, A & L Janitorial Services has the experience and expertise to handle it. Call or email us today to book a specialty cleaning service or ask any preliminary questions you man have, and we will gladly answer them.