Janitorial Cleaning in Kalamazoo, MI

A&L orange floor bufferAt A & L Janitorial Services, we have nearly 20 years of experience keeping various schools and office buildings functioning and presentable. Our team of janitorial cleaning specialists can perform the wide range of tasks required to properly service any building. Our teams have experience in dealing with schools and offices of all sizes, so no matter what the job is, we can handle it. We are available for daily or weekly servicing, depending on the needs of the client.

What Our Services Include

Every job is unique, which is why A & L Janitorial Services approaches each job individually. A school with 1,000 students and a gymnasium will require different services than a private institution with 100 pupils and no athletic facilities. Our janitorial cleaning specialists can handle all types of trash removal, from the large quantities created by an entire office building to the sensitive materials disposed of by a law firm. We perform detailed dusting and are well trained in cleaning around computers and other delicate electronic devices. Our teams will clean all glass and mirrors on the property, keeping them free of smudges and streaks.

We routinely sanitize common areas, such as bathrooms, break rooms, and cafeterias, to prevent the spread of colds, the flu, and other illnesses. We will clean and vacuum upholstered surfaces such as couches and chairs. Our team is always on the lookout for spills and stains, and we can do spot cleaning immediately after an accident. Our regular vacuuming will keep both the floors and air free of dust and allergens. Our teams will move furniture to clean under and behind it, meaning that no spots are missed. We will always return the furniture to its proper location once we are finished. For a building of any size, proper restroom sanitation is necessary, and we will make sure it is performed regularly.

Why Choose Us?

When customers hire A & L Janitorial Services, they are hiring a company that is committed to their satisfaction. After every completed job, a member of our support staff will contact the client to ensure that he or she is completely satisfied with the work we performed. During every job, it is our policy that a manager will always be present to communicate with the customer and answer any questions they might have. We are also proud to offer our customers a free quoting process, so they will know what the job will cost before they make their decision.

A & L Janitorial Services offers customers a highly trained staff of janitorial cleaning specialists that can handle all cleaning aspects of any school or office building. Customers can call or email us to schedule an appointment.