Floor Stripping and Waxing Services Kalamazoo, MI

Waxing - Kalamazoo, MI - A&L Janitorial A & L Janitorial Services has served the Kalamazoo, MI area for 20 years. Our mission of excellence and quality floor service is unparalleled. We utilize top quality cleaning products and employ the most stringent methods of cleaning available. Our tools of the trade extend well beyond the types of services we offer. We are bolstered by the amazing employees that work hard to give you the best experience. Our focus is on attention to detail and efficient procedures, and we guarantee that you will be pleased with the results.

Types of Floors Serviced

Stripping and waxing services are provided primarily for vinyl and vinyl composite tile (VCT). Linoleum, laminate, sealed cement, and commercial grade wood flooring can also be serviced. Our process includes extraction of dirt, dust, and other debris prior to stripping. Once the surface is cleaned, old wax is stripped using a power scrubber. This procedure removes additional dirt and grime that are trapped within the wax surface.

A hard surface steam cleaning tool removes tough stains and debris from the stripped floor before professional grade floor finishing wax is applied in multiple coats. Once dry, surfaces are polished to a diamond shine, giving your floors enhanced durability and performance.

Businesses Served

We have worked with a wide variety of businesses within the Kalamazoo area. We know the importance of both large and small jobs, and our employees are trained to finish a job efficiently and thoroughly, with the highest level of customer service. We maintain a variety of regular cleaning contracts within a wide array of industries and also perform apartment turnover cleanings as well as new construction cleans.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our ongoing floor maintenance programs will keep your flooring surfaces sparkling clean. Cleanliness has been proven to drive repeat business. A survey for the Consumer Restaurant Brand Metric Program showed that cleanliness is the most important factor to diners in regards to their restaurant experience, ranking high above atmosphere, friendly service, and food taste.

An additional survey by Technomic took the restaurant survey well beyond the walls of a dining establishment and into a broader sector, showing that higher cleanliness scores indicated an increased intent to return to a variety of commercial settings. Therefore, cleanliness does more than create good ambiance and increase guest satisfaction; it has a direct correlation to increased sales!

At A & L Janitorial Services, machine scrubbing along with regular waxing and buffing will keep all of your floors looking clean throughout the year. We can provide services within a broad range of frequency depending on the level of floor traffic within your business as well as your budget.

We are your one stop shop for business cleaning! Contact us today for a free quote and more information.