Quality Floor Cleaning Services in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, MI

At A & L Janitorial Services, we take pride in offering high-quality work at an affordable price. We are always available to serve commercial and residential buildings throughout the Kalamazoo area. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your floor care needs, and our experienced team won’t quit until you are satisfied with our work. We have the experience, equipment, and dedication needed to take on just about any job.

Let Us Help With Your Floor Care and Maintenance!

Our floor care services can’t be beaten. Our attention to detail throughout the cleaning process ensures you see results. Whether you need us to clean a single floor or an entire building, we are here to get the job done right. Most importantly, we don’t simply offer basic floor care services. We can also provide specialty services tailored to your specific needs.

Floor Buffing and Burnishing

A buffer will polish floors to produce a glossy, wet-look shine. Buffers usually run around 175 revolutions per minute as the squeegees in the back gather dirt and moisture. Buffering restores smoothness to floors.

Burnishing is an even more powerful method to produce a glossy shine. Burnishers polish at a much higher speed. They can run from 1,500 to 2,500 revolutions per minute. Several coats of finish must be applied to the floor to avoid wear and tear on the floor. Burnishing is often conducted after buffing.

Grout Cleaning and Sealing

With tile and grout surfaces, it’s easy to see the dirt and grime. Periodic deep cleaning assures a clean and shiny surface. We extract dirt with gentle scrubbing and steam cleaning, and then apply a protectant.

Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Refinishing

If you’ve noticed wax buildup or dirty reflections, our skilled team can help with our stripping, waxing, and refinishing services. There are multi-step processes involved that include sweeping, dust mopping, vacuuming, applying a cleaning solution, and scraping. Using the latest machinery, we make sure the job is completed effectively and apply a sealer to finish the job.

Floor Scrubbing and Recoating

For more intensive projects, we offer concentrated scrubbing services and then recoating procedures to help the floor continue to look glossy. Scrubbing will get the top layer of dirt out as well as hard-to-see, embedded dirt and debris. This is particularly important in high-traffic areas and is used in lieu of the more extreme stripping service.

Carpet Care and Deep Clean Vacuuming

We use the best and latest equipment and technology to safely remove stains, odors, dirt, and pathogens from your carpet. Our advanced solutions for cleaning carpets are safe and effective.

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Nothing is more important to our skilled cleaning staff than providing our customers with the professional, efficient, and excellent service that they deserve. If you need residential or commercial cleaning services, we’ve got you covered! Browse our site to learn more about what we offer and give us a call today to speak with a member of the A & L Janitorial Services team.