Decluttering at Home Made Easy

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The idea of decluttering is a good one in theory, but when it comes down to actually doing it, starting the process can seem insurmountable. For some people, cleaning comes easy. For others, it’s viewed more as a chore. Cleaning services are there for the specialty projects, but with smaller tasks, a change in mindset might be all one needs to overcome the obstacle. Start With the Easy Things Many times, it’s the overarching idea of total organization that makes

Three Unexpected Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

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The daily excitement of an office space makes cleaning and organization a top priority. More employers are turning to professional cleaning services because of the overall benefits it can bring to the workplace. Here’s a look at the top three reasons why organizations are investing in their office cleanliness. 1. Impress Clientele In the world of business, looks are everything. A neat and tidy office will tell current and potential clients that they made the right choice. Clean blinds and

Maintenance Matters: How and When to Clean Floor Mats

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Many floor mats are removable, rubberized, and black, and it can be easy to overlook just how dirty they get, or how much wear and tear they handle. So, just how often should floor mats be cleaned? Dirty Mats: Signals & Schedules Whether removable or fixed, proper care for floor mats starts with a regular, consistent cleaning schedule. Scheduled cleaning services for mats and carpets, as well as for tile and wood floors, aids in maintaining their finishes and helps