Top Songs for a Cleaning Playlist

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Cleaning services around the house may not be the most exciting work, but a cleaning playlist can be the perfect way to keep up the energy and motivation. Retro Cleaning Jams Regardless of age, anyone can put some pep their step by listening to these classic upbeat songs. The beats are so contagious that they might even encourage others to help with the scrubbing and sanitizing! “Shout” – The Isley Brothers “You Make My Dreams” – Daryl Hall and John

4 Cleaning Supplies Everyone Should Have in Their Cupboard

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For most homeowners, keeping their home clean is a daily task. However, even small daily messes can add up over time, turning simple chores into stressful tasks. The right cleaning supplies can make even big messes easier to clean. Here are four cleaning supplies that every person should have in their home. Multi-Purpose Cleaner While there are many types of cleaning supplies out there, a good multi-purpose cleaner is sufficient to tackle most jobs. This cleaner works on a variety

Three Ways to Develop a Cleaning Routine

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Keeping things tidy and organized can become overwhelming and stressful. Whether it’s mopping the floor or utilizing cleaning services, it’s important to have a routine to help keep things neat and tidy. Here’s a look at three ways to develop a cleaning routine. 1. Make a Master List When it comes to making sure things are dust-free and shiny, a master list is the first step to keeping up with cleaning tasks. Splitting the tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and