That’s a Wrap: The Best Film and TV Janitors

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In a film and television world full of superheroes, extraterrestrial forces, dirty politicians, and more, sometimes the protagonist we seek is the janitor behind the curtain. Here is a list of some outstanding janitors from classic television shows and movies. Carl Reed, The Breakfast Club Best known for siding with the students against Vice Principal Vernon, Mr. Reed showed how being on the right side of information could help fight the good fight. Though his janitorial services were rarely seen,

Decluttering at Home Made Easy

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The idea of decluttering is a good one in theory, but when it comes down to actually doing it, starting the process can seem insurmountable. For some people, cleaning comes easy. For others, it’s viewed more as a chore. Cleaning services are there for the specialty projects, but with smaller tasks, a change in mindset might be all one needs to overcome the obstacle. Start With the Easy Things Many times, it’s the overarching idea of total organization that makes

Don’t Fall for These Four Cleaning Myths!

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When it comes to cleaning, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. These four myths seem to provide wonderful advice, but they can damage some of the appliances and fixtures around the home. Advice from professional cleaning services can bust these myths and leave homes cleaner than ever. Newspaper is Better than Cloth for Window Cleaning While newspaper may be sufficient for some windows, the material is incredibly thin and tears easily when wet. Worst of all, the ink on