Medical Facilities / Biohazard Cleanup

Every day, the average medical facility is bombarded with a series of seemingly never-ending patient care challenges. The last thing they need to worry about is cleaning up, especially if it involves biohazard cleanup. It is just plain common sense to leave this task to a professional janitorial company that has the right resources to handle the problem. Here is what the best biohazard janitorial companies have to offer:

What our trained technicians can do for you

Biohazard cleanup is challenging work that requires technicians to handle potentially biohazardous materials such as blood and other body fluids as well as used medical equipment such as syringes, slides, and pipettes. Technicians are trained in everything from how to approach a biohazardous site to how to package the biohazardous materials for transport. The goal is not only to keep the technician safe but also to safeguard the safety of the medical facility staff, their patients and anyone who may come in contact with the materials before the biohazard cleanup process is finished.


Expertise and experience

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has mandated a wide variety of on-the-job safety methods for handling biohazardous waste, it takes quite a bit of hands-on training before a technician is ready to work on biohazard cleanup. Still, this training is essential for reducing the risk of accidents. Not only will you limit the risk of immediate contamination but also of potential lawsuits. The use of a biohazard janitorial company with a proven track record can even help to lower your facility’s business insurance costs.


Proper disposal

Biohazard cleanup from a medical facility is just the first step in dealing with it. In addition, the proper steps must also be taken to dispose of it safely. In most cases, this means incineration either on- or off-site. Steam sterilization – known as autoclaving in the industry – is also used when medical instruments such as scalpels are intended to be reused or when incineration is likely to release pathogens into the environment. Other methods of sterilization include the use of microwaves or irradiation. In every case, all sterilized and unwanted materials are ultimately placed in a sanitary landfill.

As you can imagine, it is no easy task to deal with biohazardous materials, especially when a medical facility’s staff is otherwise occupied with patient care. It is simply good sense to bring in a professional janitorial company to handle all your biohazard cleanup jobs for you.

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