When it comes to cleaning, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. These four myths seem to provide wonderful advice, but they can damage some of the appliances and fixtures around the home. Advice from professional cleaning services can bust these myths and leave homes cleaner than ever.

Newspaper is Better than Cloth for Window Cleaning

While newspaper may be sufficient for some windows, the material is incredibly thin and tears easily when wet. Worst of all, the ink on the paper may even transfer to the glass, leaving more dirt and smudges behind than there were initially. Professional cleaning services will use soft rags or microfiber cloths instead of newspaper and paper towels, giving the glass a streak-free shine.

Cola Cleans the Toilet Better than Toilet Cleaner

Cola is acidic, but it doesn’t do much to get rid of hard water deposits or germs inside the toilet bowl. In fact, the high sugar content may encourage bacterial growth in the toilet bowl, leading to odors, germs, and unsightly toilet scum. It’s best to use a dedicated toilet bowl cleaner to get rid of hard water stains and eliminate bacteria.

Coffee Belongs in Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals often retain odors from the food sent down the chute, and there are many ways to get rid of those lingering smells. While coffee is high on the list of home remedies for a smelly garbage disposal, professional cleaning services will almost always opt for baking soda. Baking soda naturally draws out bad odors and contains them, giving any kitchen a pleasant and fresh scent.

More Chemical Cleaners is Always Better

This myth was largely encouraged by commercial detergent and cleaner manufacturers. After all, the more product used on a daily basis, the more they can sell. In reality, a small amount should be sufficient to get rid of most gunk and grime. Using the right cleaners for the job will simplify the process.

Let an experienced cleaning company handle the dirtiest jobs. They’ll clean the space right, the first time.

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